Social Media Monitoring Service

Do you know what others are saying about you on social media?

Our Social Media Monitoring service allows you to listen to the conversations taking place about your brand across a range of social media channels.

If you are like us, you will be inundated by the amount of information being churned out concerning the importance of Social Media Marketing for your business. However, you are probably struggling as we were to find the time in the day to keep up to date with your tweets and status updates, let alone identify potential leads from all the conversations taking place online.

We want to introduce you to a solution that we use to manage our Social Media campaigns which saves us money and time, increases our turnover and profitability and keeps us in touch with our existing and potential customers.

By listening to the conversations that are happening across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ we can identify both the good and not so good references to your business so you can take action.

By identifying the key influencers in your industry we can identify the type of conversations that are important to delivering real results for your social media activities.

Could this Social Media Monitoring service help your business?

We offer monthly on-going Social Media Monitoring support that includes:

  • social media monitoring for your account(s) and relevant sector(s)
  • identifying and targeting individuals/companies to follow
  • writing update status/tweets on your behalf
  • delivering these across the different social media channels

If you would like to find out how we achieve an increase in the number of social media followers for your company or need help on getting the most out of your Social Media campaigns, then pleaseĀ contact us.