Developing a Social Media Strategy

As with other business areas, developing a good social media strategy is essential.

Before sending that tweet or posting an update key questions need answering in order to form your Social Media Strategy and subsequent content creation and delivery plan:

1. Which social media platforms are your customers using and, therefore, where should your efforts be directed?

  • if in the consumer market, then Facebook and Twitter will be the prime channels, but what about Pinterest?
  • if in the business to business market, then LinkedIn will be key, supported by Twitter
  • Google+ is becoming more important across all markets as Google includes more social activities and authorship into their search algorithms

2. How are you going to develop and optimise your profile on your chosen channels?

  • use of keywords, hashtags (#), location, links to your website/blog and the use of images all combine to make your profile easy to find and follow.

3. What are you going to post and how often?   Updates and tweets need to be relevant to your business and your audience. A ratio of 80% information and 20% sales content is a good balance to aim for:

  • do you have relevant content on your website to direct followers to?
  • how often are you going to add new content?
  • how often are you going to post?

4. What is your company tone of voice – is it formal, casual, funny? This will depend on who you are and what your audience will accept.

5. Do you have image or video assets that you can use to bring your products or services to life? Since Twitter introduced the image preview in its news feeds, we have seen the number of clicks through to our clients’ websites increase significantly when a relevant image has been included in the tweet.

6. What are you going to measure?

As with all business activities we need to be able to measure return on investment.

So, what are the targets you are going to set and how will these be measured for your social media activity?

It is easy to measure the number of fans/followers but it is much more important to measure the interactions that are happening i.e. the number of comments, shares, clicks through to your website and, of course, sales.

We can work with you to develop your Social Media Strategy. Our proven planning questionnaire will help you to answer the above questions and our consultants will work with you to develop an actionable plan.