Create a personalised LinkedIn URL

What do people find when they Google you?

This is now such a common process that a future client or employer will do the search as a matter of course.

One way to promote your LinkedIn profile across the search engines is to have a personalised LinkedIn URL.

I am lucky, having an unusual surname has allowed me to create a personalised LinkedIn URLĀ that is my name which appears in google results as follows:

personalised LinkedIn URL - Andrew Greenyer Google result

I recommend that you use your name or a variation that will allow for your URL to be recognised. It is also something that you will want to share with prospects, customers and maybe even a future employer, so avoid using anything too informal.

So how do you create your personalised URL?

  • From the top menu, select PROFILE and then select EDIT PROFILE
  • You will see at the bottom of your profile photo either “Update your public profile settings” or a URL in a format + normally some numbers/alphas. You can see below where my URL has already been edited to be

personalised LinkedIn URL - LinkedIn Profile

  • Move your cursor over the URL and click on the small cog icon that will appear.
  • You will be taken to your Public Profile screen with the ability to edit your public profile URL.

You also have the ability to personalise the information that appears on your public profile in the section below your URL. This includes your headline, picture, websites, summary, skills etc.

Make sure that once someone hasĀ found your profile, you continue to sell yourself.

Remember to select the save button to implement your changes.

Finally, the more recent, relevant and personalised your public information is, the greater your visibility will be.