7 Tips for using LinkedIn

I have just finished a meeting with a new client who had joined LinkedIn a few years ago, set up a very basic profile and hadn’t used it since.

The client is about to go out on their own and needed to get their personal profile up to scratch and to set up a company page. Their request for the meeting was a cry for help.

LinkedIn Connections

I have a couple of conversations/meetings like this every month, so know that there must be a lot of people out there in the same position. With that in mind here are some of my tips for getting started on LinkedIn.

We will explore each of these areas in more detail in a series of future blogs.

    • Complete your profile as much as possible; include a professional photo of yourself. You definitely do not want a photo of you out enjoying yourself on a Saturday night! Add a summary that includes some of the key phrases that describe you and will enable people to find you in relevant searches.
    • Create a compelling headline – change the headline in your summary profile from the default which is your latest job title. Include in the headline keywords/skills that you would like to be known for.
    • Give recommendations to previous colleagues and suppliers before asking your clients for recommendations – you will need to be recommended at least three times before your profile can be 100% complete.
    • Build your network – use your email lists, re-connect with previous colleagues, collect business cards at networking events and then search for that person on Linkedin and connect with a personal message – never use the default LinkedIn created message, most people are like me and ignore these requests.
    • Create a company page – this can appear in searches within Linkedin and Google.
    • Add information about your products and services to your company page and update your company status on a regular basis.
    • Join appropriate groups, follow the discussions and contribute.

Finally the big one – ENGAGE IN CONVERSATIONS

I will focus on each of these areas individually in the next series of posts.