5 top tips to grow your followers on twitter

Twitter can be a very important tool for business. When used well, it can develop brand awareness, bring in new traffic to your website, act as a customer service platform and promote your products or services.

5 top tips to grow your followers on twitter

To get the best out of Twitter, it helps to have a large number of quality followers.

Here are our five top tips to help you to grow your twitter followers and so your business.


  1. Follow People

This method is often referred to as being the low-lying fruit of gaining Twitter followers.

You can search twitter profiles by the information contained in their bio.

For example, my personal Twitter bio reads ‘we help companies to improve their #marketing via #socialmedia. Let us help you to build your business profile’. As a result, I am frequently followed by online marketing experts who have found me by completing a bio search.

A lot of the time, if I like the look of what they tweet, I follow back, as do many other Twitter users. This can be a really effective, low-key way to gain followers.

Identify the keywords for your target audience, use the search bar in Twitter and take a look at the profiles and tweets to identify new people to follow. Research has shown that there is a 40% chance they will follow you back.


  1. Hashtags

Hashtags are an integral part of using Twitter.

If you have not used hashtags before, here is a quick explanation of their benefits. Say you run a blog about Space Exploration and you have 1000 followers. Every time you tweet, your tweet will show up on the newsfeed of those 1000 followers, but that will be it.

However, correct use of hashtags will change this and put your tweets right under the noses of the people searching for the information you provide. Using popular space related hashtags such as #Space and #NASA, you will be found by Space enthusiasts who regularly check these hashtags. If your content is informative and interesting and advertises itself well, with correct hashtag use you can expect to see your number of followers increase.


  1. Competitions

Hosting a twitter competition is a sure fire way to quickly increase your number of followers. After you have decided upon a suitable prize that will get people interested, you need to decide the metrics of your competition.

The most popular option for quick follower growth is a Follow and Retweet competition. What this means is that to enter the competition, entrants must follow you on Twitter and then Retweet the initial tweet you sent advertising the competition.

The effects of this are that with every entrant, not only are you gaining one follower, you are also getting them to advertise your competition to all their followers, which usually entices some of their like-minded friends to enter the competition too. A quick win indeed.


  1. Create great content with influencers in mind

You may first become aware to the fact you have been retweeted when you notice a quick, sharp uptake in your follower numbers, as anybody who has had the pleasure of having their personal Twitter account RT’d by a celebrity can testify. This same principle applies to twitter for business.

Here is an example of the steps you need to follow.

Identify the key influencers in your sphere, then create content that will make them sit up and take notice. You can identify your influencers by using tools like Buzzsumo, which identifies popular tweets and the influencers for a given keyword.

If you are selling tennis related products for example, you can search for people on Twitter who tweet about tennis and have the largest number of followers. You can then create content and tweets you think will be of interest to these influencers and their followers. A well-constructed, informative piece that is accompanied by aesthetically appealing (and correctly sized) imagery should catch your influencer’s eye, get Retweeted and get you followers.


  1. Push people to Twitter from other channels

Another successful way of increasing your Twitter followers doesn’t actually involve twitter. Use all your other real estate to advertise your Twitter account. Put social links on your website, encourage people to follow you on Twitter on your e-shots, push your Twitter account on your Facebook or Instagram and you can even put your Twitter handle on your offline media and packaging too.

Gaining a large number of Twitter followers involves dedication, strategy and lots of consistent work. People expecting to gain thousands of followers overnight need to lower their expectations. If however, if you follow these five top tips and remain committed in your efforts, you can expect to see those follower numbers increase steadily over time.