5 Tips for Maximizing Returns With Twitter Ads 

Twitter ads can help a business to generate useful leads, boost engagement and gain more followers. Sometimes, simple tweaks to a tweet before posting could make it more effective to the marketing campaign. Since there could be hundreds of competitors in the same field as your business, you may be forced to be more creative with your social media marketing.

Twitter Ads

While most tweaks provide an effective strategy, it is advisable to vary the approach to avoid being over-repetitive. Below are some of the best ideas you can use with Twitter Ads to maximize returns.

1. Choose an Objective
Before creating Twitter adverts, you need to first state your objective. If you are looking for followers, clicks or replies, you should state this early while still drafting the advert. Twitter charges when an Ad generates results based on the criterion set by the business.

Although this can increase the overall spend of the business, it can earn higher returns if coordinated well. You can also advertise without necessarily having to pay anything. Hashtags and sharing useful links and information can attract followers and clicks, which could lead to conversions eventually.

2. Use your own hashtags
In everyday tweeting, hashtags about an industry helps to address an audience’s interest and offer a perfect platform where people can discuss the product. Using generic hashtags like #marketing or #cars is wasting valuable characters.

Instead, you should think about coming up with a hashtag that relates with your business so you can encourage people talk about you. A unique hashtag sets the business apart on twitter and offers an easy reference for discussions.

3. Offer a deal or download
Social media marketing is about creativity. If you want people to visit your website and probably view some of the products you are offering, you can create a twitter Ad with an offer or a download link that will lead them to your website. Just create a good link using the Twitter advertising tools. You can design it with details like “click here to download”. Also make sure the offer you have given is genuine and can easily be accessed to build trust.

4. Distracting hashtags
Promoted tweets are visible and easily accessible by many people. While preparing the tweet, you should not include a hashtag if you want to keep the audience engaged. To instil authenticity, present discounts in percentages. It looks more professional in that structure . Tweets that use percentages as opposed to price-based discounts record 40% lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

5. A chance to win
To engage more followers, you can offer the audience a chance to walk away with amazing prizes. This could be a Smartphone or anything that would attract many people to participate. Offer simple steps that upon completion will place someone on the path to success.

A good suggestion could be instructing the followers to share the tweet or answer some questions on your website. This will definitely generate leads, and probably conversions when the business gains popularity.