10 Minutes a Day on LinkedIn

What can be achieved with 10 minutes a day on LinkedIn?

If I had a pound for every time I have been told, “I am so busy running my business I don’t have time for Social Media”, I would be a very rich man.

Spare 10 minutes


My normal comeback to this is “Can you spare 10 minutes?”

Which is normally answered with “Yes” or at least “Probably”.

I can show how I use a spare 10 minutes to keep my LinkedIn profile active.

1. Check out any notifications received, especially direct messages, these are often follow ups or questions that might lead to a sale

2. Look through any connection requests, do you recognise any names, companies? Accept those you know and wish to connect with. Has someone sent you a personalised request which is worth reading and potentially accepting? Delete the others.

3. Look through the recommendations made by LinkedIn to connect with. Recognise anyone as a previous client/colleague or potential company to do business with? If so send a personalised connection request by first clicking on their profile. Don’t just click on connect and send the standard LinkedIn message. Skip the rest.

4. LinkedIn notifies you if any of your connections has a birthday or a work anniversary. Personally, I skip all the birthday notifications unless the individual is a friend. I always look at the work anniversary and send a message to congratulate them and re-engage with those I know reasonably well.

5. Scan down the news feed to find any articles I want to book mark for reading later. If there is an article or update that connections might find useful then I will share with my network. I find that follow interesting/useful companies on LinkedIn and scanning their updates is a great source of content to curate and share, not just on LinkedIn but across the other social channels, especially Twitter.

If I can complete these tasks in 10 mins, you can too!